On Running

Thanks to its incredible build quality and sustainability owing to 35% recyclable materials used in its making, On Running is a favourite among runners.

On was founded in 2010 in Switzerland by former Ironman world champion Olivier Bernhard. The pioneering shoe company is now a global chain exceeding an evaluation of $6 billion as well as a proud partner of TriShop. 

The name of the brand is derived from what the shoe strives to deliver to a runner, which is an experience similar to one “running on clouds”. With their lauded technology and European craftsmanship, Ons are a must-have for every runner.

A combination of factors, unique only to On, make this a brand that you don’t want to overlook when setting foot on the racetrack. Amazingly, these shoes are fit for all kinds of days, whether you want to go light or run a marathon.

On’s design provides a comforting cushion to every runner wearing the shoes. The CloudTec elements go hand-in-hand with the Speedboard tech, which provides generous support to the feet – together these features guarantee a smooth and stable running experience, nullifying the risk of any injuries.

The midsole region is made using On’s Helion foam that makes each shoe temperature resistant, durable and lightweight. Averaging nearly 30 grams lighter than a competitor’s pair, these shoes also reduce fatigue over longer distances.

Available in multiple colours and variants for men and women, On is a best selling brand at TriShop that you must check out! Starting from $210, check our catalogue here.


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