Nutrition is as much responsible for high performance among athletes as is training, and TriShop wants to know if you’re doing enough in the triathlon season.

Ironman 70.3 is less than two weeks away. Melbourne’s marquee triathlon event is shortly followed by six 2XU Triathlon Series races spread across eight weeks. For triathletes wishing to participate and surplus their performances, one of the most vital elements of preparation is their nutrition.

A balanced diet constitutes a natural intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. A typical athlete’s diet in the final stretch of training for a triathlon is advised to comprise 45 to 65% of carbs, 20 to 35% fats and 15 to 25% proteins. While these are by a long margin the most essential nutrients that one should consume, it is imperative to look at supplementary options that can aid high performance.

TriShop’s partnership with Koda and Pillar, two of Australia’s most trusted nutritional providers, allows our clients to back a much-recommended balanced diet with sustainably formulated products.

Pillar’s nutrition supplements, which revitalise athletes with vitamins B and C, omega and magnesium, are directed towards providing a comfortable pre-race experience. In combination, they are designed to boost the immune system, help fight fatigue and provide pain relief, as well as aid nervous health.

Koda’s products, meanwhile, make race day a pleasant one. Thanks to their flavourful energy bars, gels and electrolyte tablets designed to help against muscular cramps and nervous pressure, triathletes will surely be supported with smooth consistency and high energy. 

With the best prices and quality guaranteed, we invite you to take a look at our offerings on TriShop!




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